Photovoltaic special sealant/FQG652-AB

FQG652-AB is a kind of two-component condensed silicone potting adhesive, which has no heat release, no corrosion, and small shrinkage during curing. It is suitable for various heat-conducting and flame-retardant potting purposes in electronic components, photovoltaic junction boxes, and other fields.

Product feature

1.Room temperature curing, recommended mixing ratio of 10:1 (weight ratio), mixing ratio can be adjusted and with good liquidity.

2.Can be used in a wide temperature range (-60℃-220℃) to maintain adhesive elasticity, excellent electrical performance, good thermal conductivity.

3.Waterproof and moisture-proof, chemical resistance, it is not easy to change color after curing.

4.Have good bonding property with mostly plastic, rubber and other materials.

5.The flame-retardant property reaches UL 94 V-0 level.

6.Fully comply with EU ROHS environmental protection requirements.

Main application 

It is suitable for industries such as electronic appliances, solar photovoltaic, and other industries that require potting, heat conduction and flame retardancy.

Operating guide 

1.Before mixing, component A needs to be stirred evenly with a manual or automatic mixer, is also needs to be shaken evenly before use.

2.When it needs to be bonded to the application material, please confirm that it can be bonded before use.

3.It is recommended that the mixing ratio should be A:B = 10:1(weight ratio). If operational conditions need to be changed, the mixing ratio should be changed and a simple experiment should be carried out before application. Generally, the more component B is used, the shorter the curing time is, and the shorter the usable time is.

4.When mixing manually, if the depth of sealing is too deep, bubbles or pinholes may occur on the surface and inside. Put the mixture into a vacuum container and debubble at 0.06 MPa for at least 5 minutes before use.

Packaging and storage 

A component : 20kg / drum    B component : 2 kg / drum

It shall be stored in a cool and dry place below 27℃, and the storage period shall be 6 months from the date of production.

Typical technical data: