MS sealant for stone, windows and doors /FQ-MS-M90

MS polymer sealants, also known as “Modified Silicone” or “Hybrid” sealants, use a modified silane polymer as their base instead of the synthetic polymer base of silicone or the urethane-based polymer system utilized by polyurethane sealants.

M-90 MS sealant has excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, ozone layer resistance and high temperature resistance, environmental protection and no pollution.

Traditional silicone sealants will precipitate silicone oil, making it adhere to pollutants, especially when used on porous materials such as stone and concrete, which will cause difficult-to-remove pollution to the surrounding area. It is one of the main sources of pollution on the facade of buildings, greatly reducing the aesthetics and image value of buildings, while MS sealant overcomes such defects from the mechanism and will not produce the same pollution.


It is suitable for non-structural weatherproof bonding and sealing of doors, windows, stone, and metal structural.