Anti-mildew sealant for kitchen and bathroom/FQ6801


1. Single component, neutral curing, easy use,  it has good extrudability and thixotropy in the temperature range of 4-40 degrees.

2. Very good bond and physical strength for most building materials.

3. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and high & low temperature resistance, is the ideal weather resistance sealing material.

4. It has good compatibility with other silicone sealants produced by our company.


1. It is suitable for the installation of various kitchen utensils and sanitary ware, as well as waterproof and mildew-proof sealing.

2. Installation and sealing of various doors and windows.

3. All kinds of interior decoration joint sealing.


Keep in sealed with relative humidity below 50%, storage temperature range of 5-27 degrees, and from the production date storage period of 9 months.

This product can be transported as non-dangerous goods for ocean shipment.


Meet the standard of GB/T 14683-2017.