Anti-Flame silicone weather-resistant sealant/FQ-911


1. It has excellent flame retardant performance, does not support combustion in an open flame, and self-extinguishes without fire.

2. Neutral cure, suitable for most building materials without adverse reactions or corrosive effects.

3. It has excellent adhesion and can obtain superior bonding and sealing performance with most building materials without primer.

4. After curing, it has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance, and high & low temperature resistance.

5. Has good elasticity and resistance to displacement and deformation.


1. Bonding and sealing of various fireproof doors and windows, and flame retardant sealing of each layer of curtain wall engineering.

2. Flame retardant sealing for all kinds of door and window glass installation.

3. Fixing and flame retardant sealing of electronic and electrical components.

4. Fireproof and moisture-proof seal for decoration in various public places.


Store in a dry environment and below 27 degrees, and the storage period is 12 months.

This product can be transported as non-dangerous goods.